News Roundup March 4

  • First up, in EU news, the Council of Europe is expected to speak out against French laws which it sees as failing to ban the smacking of children:
  • UNICEF has expressed fears that a number of boys kidnapped in South Sudan are going to be sent to the front lines as soldiers:
  • Marta Santos Pais congratulated the Indonesian government on including violence against children in its new development plan and stated that politcal will and steady action can bring an end to violence:
  • In the UK, David Cameron has described child sexual exploitation as a 'national threat':
  • And in response, the Guardian has published an editorial asking for smart action rather than tough talk in addressing the issue:
  • A film based on the novel Beasts of No Nation by Uzodinma Iweala will bring the plight of child soldiers to a wide audience when it screens on Netflix later this year:
  • The C&A Foundation has teamed up with Save the Children to support millions of mothers coping with humanitarian crises:
  • A report in Australia has found that 1 million Australian children are affected by the alcohol abuse of parents or caregivers: